Cheating does significant harm to trust and emotional safety in your relationship. But repair is possible.

Healing from infidelity doesn't have a short cut.  This type of trust violation can cause searing pain and a major hit on the emotional safety of your relationship.  But overcoming infidelity is absolutely possible and you may even come out stronger than ever if you are willing to settle in for the work.

Infidelity therapy involves compassion, transparency, patience, sincerity, wading through difficult emotions and acceptance of the uncertainty around "how long" healing from infidelity will take in your situation.  Every person's experience is deeply personal and unique.  If there is genuine remorse, willingness to repair, willingness to accept repair and a desire by both to save your relationship, you are on you way.

I'm a licensed California therapist who helps couples navigate the rough waters of infidelity.  When some repair work has been accomplished, an honest assessment of how your relationship has been functioning is done.  Not an excuse to betray your partner in such a way, but if a shaky relationship foundation is revealed it's important to eventually address this too.

I provide online online therapy to couples iwanting to improve the way they speak to each other and better de-escalate tension.  My online counseling services are offered in San Diego, San Francisco, San Mateo, Los Angeles, Marin, Santa Clara or anywhere in the state.

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