Premarital Education

Strengthen your relationship foundation before you tie the knot.

Are you getting married?  Congratulations!  My online premarital counseling educational program is about empowering couples with the knowledge and tools for a strong relationship foundation and high level of emotional safety – two important aspects of successful marriages.  Many couples invest a lot of money in the wedding day itself.  I encourage you to consider the value of investing in the future of your marriage too by preparing yourself with the basics to weather the inevitable storms of life.

Give your relationship the tools you need in your toolbox and identify any potential emotionally vulnerable spots.

I offer a four session educational and interactive live online course, adapted from my workbook The Premarital Counseling Workbook for Couples offered on my other website,

  1. Assessment and Communication Skill Building:  I will assess your communication, relationship balance and emotional safety as well as educate you about problematic communication styles.
  2. Family of Origin and Relationship Logistics:  We will look at at your families of origin to assess strengths and vulnerabilities as they might show up in your marriage.  We will also explore the nuts of bolts of how you expect your relationship to work; role expectations, finances, spiritual beliefs, intimacy, children, etc.
  3. Tune Up: Any noted areas for further exploration will be addressed here.  You will receive an assignment to take home which encourages you to look at how you each see your marriage, your priorities for a happy marriage, etc.
  4. Goal Setting and Review: We will process your exercise and what came up.  Your overall relationship strengths and vulnerabilities will be reviewed and you will receive a copy of The Premarital Counseling Workbook for Couples to continue working on exercises we didn’t cover in the course, as you wish.

If at the end of this educational course we find there are specific issues that might benefit from more discussion, we can discuss the option of transitioning to online couples therapy.

Ready to inquire about Online Premarital Education?  CONTACT ME.

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