Relationship Tune-Up

For couples who want to proactively keep things running smoothly in their relationship.

With the increasing overall acceptance of therapy over the recent years, has risen a new type of couples counseling client; those who are generally doing pretty well in their relationship but who would like to check in or kind of tune-up.  They want to be sure things are running smoothly and proactively head off any potential pitfalls together.

The car analogy is a good one in that your car need periodic service attention or risk not running well.  You do your diagnostic, tweak and improve the things that need attention, then off you go.  A relationship tune-up is similar but rather than looking under the hood of your car, we're looking at the foundation of your relationship.

  • How is your communication?  If not ideal, let's tweak it.
  • How are the emotional safety levels?  If lower than they used to be, let's understand why and address why.
  • Is there any resentment building?  If so, let's unpack unresolved pain or frustration points and work through them.

I'm a licensed California therapist providing online therapy for couples who want to proactively keep their relationships as healthy as possible.  My online couples counseling services are for those in Santa Clara, Los Angeles, San Mateo, San Diego, San Francisco, Marin or anywhere in the state.

Ready to inquire about an online relationship tune-up?  CONTACT ME.














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