Couples Communication

Learn to communicate more effectively in your relationship.

Healthy communication in relationships is based on the idea that both parties can be open and honest with each other, that they feel heard and validated.  It also helps avoid misunderstandings which can lead to resentment.

Often couples arrive to therapy reporting that their primary issue is unhealthy communication.  Communication problems are usually a symptom of deeper level issues that you may not even be aware of yet.  In a way, poor relationship communication can be the catalyst to address these other important areas.

With the right tools, couples can learn how to improve how they speak to each other.  It requires slowing things down and not allowing your ability to listen to be hijacked by defensiveness.  Attention to the basic elements of emotional safety is also a piece.  Aspects of emotional safety include feeling heard, validated, respected, prioritized and loved.  If it is compromised, this can fundamentally block communication in relationships.

I'm a licensed therapist in California helping couples communicate while addressing other relevant issues impacting their relationship.  We work towards removing the obstacles that have blocked this and create new habits to more effectively communicate even around more challenging topics.

Whether you're in San Diego, San Francisco, San Mateo, Los Angeles, Marin, Santa Clare or in between, I provide online online therapy to couples wanting to improve the way they speak to each other and better de-escalate tension.

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