COVID-19 Counseling

The impact of COVID runs deep. And pandemic fatigue is legit.

These are unprecedented times.  The loss and disruption of life as we knew it is hugely impactful.  Issues like job security, health fears, social system disruptions, emotional health, relationship health and for many, baseline survival needs are at hand.  The state of uncertainty for this prolonged period has been traumatic for many, rocking the paradigm of how we thought the world was and wondering when we will return to it.

Since the onset of the pandemic, I’ve worked with many individuals and couples under various degrees of strain as they’ve been forced to pivot and adapt, learn how to “be” in this new normal, adjust to being at home more than ever and manage their relationships including partners and children.  Many miss their friends, have kids still in school online, worrying about what their businesses will look like and added strain on their relationships which is often not being addressed because of all the other external stressors.

This is hard.

I help individuals figure out how they best navigate these rough waters through activating self care, processing emotions and problem solving.  If you are struggling with an emotional roller coaster (like many are), perhaps you need some help learning how to self-soothe and better regulate your emotions.  Sometimes when you’re in the thick of the forest, it’s hard to see the light through the trees.  Whether you are a high level CEO, in the movie/tv industry, stay at home mom (an odd term these days when many of us are “stay at home”) or college student trying to wrap your head around the future, I would like to support you.

Couples are also feeling the weight of this pandemic, especially if their relationship was in trouble prior to COVID.  Now as light seems to be appearing at the end of the tunnel, more are coming to online therapy to address their issues.   I help couples reconnect and re-establish their emotional safety together.

If you are having a hard time individually or in your relationship as a consequence of COVID-19, CONTACT ME.


Covid online counseling in California.

COVID-19 support via teletherapy.


Support via online counseling for COVID-19 in Santa Clara, San Mateo and Santa Clara.


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