COVID-19 Counseling

The impact of COVID runs deep. And pandemic fatigue is legit.

These are unprecedented times.  The loss and disruption of life over so much time and in so many ways have hit people hard.  Though for many things are better than last year, the impact on people individually rolls on.  Issues like job security, health fears, school disruptions, worry, relationship stress, sadness and anger continue to come up.

Since the onset of the pandemic, I’ve worked with many individuals and couples under various degrees of strain as they’ve been forced to pivot and adapt, learn how to “be” in this environment.  Many are asking themselves a lot of questions about how they’ve changed and what it all means moving forward.

I’ve worked with CEO’s, movie industry folks, teachers, physicians, frontline workers workers in trauma hospitals, software developers, attorneys and stay at home moms and at the end of the day we have our own unique challenges that are all valid.  I support people where they are and find a better path forward.

Couples have also felt the weight of this pandemic, especially if their relationship was in trouble prior to Covid.  As the dire emergency for everyone seemed to pass and so many were in survival mode, more couples have been seeking help to either address new or older issues they never got to before.   I help couples reconnect and re-establish emotional safety together.

If you need pandemic support individually or in your relationship, CONTACT ME.


Covid online counseling in California.

COVID-19 support via teletherapy.


Support via online counseling for COVID-19 in Santa Clara, San Mateo and Santa Clara.


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