Family of Origin Work

Heal the wounds from your childhood.

The term, “family of origin work” may be unfamiliar to you.  It’s important to have an understanding of it if you’re trying to get to the bottom of how you function emotionally and in your relationships.  Family of origin work is the therapy process of healing family or other wounds of the past to remove current emotional or relationship obstacles.

A range of issues are connected to one’s family of origin experiences with parents, primary care-givers and/or families in general, as well as past trauma.  Anxiety, depression, anger, fear and recurrent relationship problems are often tangled up in these unresolved wounds. Our early experiences can create the narrative we carry about ourselves, our “stories” or core beliefs about who we are, whether we can trust others, etc. People have an incredible ability to cope with challenges but sometimes these coping mechanisms actually don’t serve later in life.

Examples of potential earlier problematic experiences:

  • Childhood trauma (physical, sexual or emotional abuse)
  • Critical or harsh parenting styles in childhood
  • Rejecting or dismissing parenting styles in childhood
  • Living in a chaotic, fear-based environment in childhood
  • Witnessing a volatile, high-conflict relationship between your parents

My family of origin work online therapy involves an exploration of the past, understanding of how the past might have impacted you on emotionally or relationally, identifying unhelpful core beliefs you may have developed about yourself, others and the world – and working to shift these.  We will also look at your coping mechanisms and those that may no longer serve you.

Family of origin work can be a deeply rewarding and life changing methods of lasting change.

Interested in scheduling an online therapy session?  CONTACT ME.

If you’re not quite ready for therapy, you can start with my ebook,  Family of Origin Work:  Untangle Your Healthy Roots, to begin to look at yourself through this lens.


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