Group Therapy

Now offering: Women's COVID-related stress online support group.

When you're struggling, it can sometimes feel like you're the only one in the world having a hard time.  The reality is there are likely many others who can relate. Group therapy can be a powerful alternative to individual therapy for many issues.  You can learn new skills, get support and normalize your experience through the power of the group.  It also provides a cost effective, confidential space to develop self awareness and awareness of others.  Group therapy can reduce loneliness and promote positive change in your life.

What my therapy practice and life experience now is telling me is that people are most consumed by their multi-faceted worries related to the impact of COVID-19.  Chronic stress, anxiety and sadness are unrelenting for many who are trying to find ways to cope the best they can in a really difficult situation.  My online individual and couples therapy practice is teeming with people reporting this theme having an impact in some way.  We have been in an emotional health and relationships crisis.

I offer small, intimate online therapy groups for 3 women at a time, in bite-sized 3 week cycles, rotating through a number of topics causing stress related to the pandemic.


(Now Offering)

Women's Support Group


The impact of lockdowns and restrictions over many months in California has had many consequences.  With the holidays upon us and important decisions to be made about how to manage holiday traditions, gatherings, expectations, isolated older family members and keeping families healthy.  Many women are also challenged with kids in online school, working from home, strained marriages and other fallout from the coronavirus.

Join this small and personal group to get support from others.  Licensed therapist, Lisa Brookes Kift, MFT will offer stress reduction strategies, guidance and a safe place to be heard.  Closed group for three women only and offered via online video from home or any place you need for sufficient privacy.  California residents only.


Start:                    Monday December 7, 2020 (last group Monday December 21, 2020)

Duration:             3 weeks ( 3 weekly one hour sessions)

Days/Time:         Mondays 11:30A to 12:30P (Pacific)

Participants:        3

Fee:                       $65 per session


  • To participate in all sessions to maintain the integrity of the group dynamic.
  • To maintain confidentiality of group.

CONTACT ME to inquire about this group.



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