Sadness / Depression

Understand and cope with feeling down.

People have experienced a lot of loss.  Feeling sad is a normal response but if you feel stuck in those feelings or they are overtaking you in a way that's problematic, it's important to monitor whether it's possible depression is creeping up on you.

Do you spend a lot of time preoccupied, feeling down or simply not yourself?  Pay attention to signals from your body, heart and mind as they are there to serve you.  Often people ignore, minimize or otherwise deflect from uncomfortable feelings.  This can work temporarily but is not a long term solution as there are many ways it comes out anyway.  Compartmentalizing doesn't mean it's gone but merely set aside, possibly out of your conscious awareness but still accessible unconsciously.

Signs that your emotions are bothering you include impatience, snapping at your partner or children, feeling agitated or challenges with sleep.  Some people use alcohol or other substances to "medicate" their uncomfortable feelings but this is also not only an unhealthy choice but a bandaid approach that comes with its own issues.

I help people find clarity around the roots of their uncomfortable feelings, understand the impact and look for ways to feel better.  If sadness or depression has become an issue such that you feel stuck or blocked, it can help to take a closer look.  Improvement might include a new understanding of what's happening, acceptance if circumstances are unchangeable, finding new coping tools and implementing self-care.  Often a look at family of origin experiences can yield some clues as well.

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